From our humble beginnings in 2008, Real Mas quickly became known as the boutique troupe, with a big band road vibe! As the first all-inclusive troupe in St. Thomas, USVI, we have only added to the offerings year after year, without compromising the “family feel” our masqueraders have grown to love. Over the years, Real Mas has received numerous parade awards, graced 2 St. Thomas Carnival posters and have made a troupe family and following that is unmatched.

Real Mas prides itself on the locality of its entire carnival presentation. After 15 years of mas in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Real Mas still boasts local designs, models and costume production – the very essence of our name – Real Mas! 

Now, as we celebrate our 16th year, and have covered everything from Raves to Rock Stars, African to Victorian Royalty, Elements of Life to French Architecture, and Stage Show favorites, Real Mas has ventured to showcase a 2024 presentation that’s a little unconventional, even for us!

Stretching the imagination with the drama of storytelling and our overtly themed costuming, Real Mas again shies away from the typical to bring you a very intentional interpretation of a folklore written specifically for this year’s presentation.

Real Mas presents Dragon Tales and Bacchanal: A VI Folklore.

Revellers beware, for it’s going to be Mas with Real Mas…. Let the adventures begin!